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Calliope Dress

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Calliope is perfect for every season. Sandals in the summer... Tights, boots and a sweater in the winter. Or anything in between.

This simple shift hangs beautifully and lets you move with ease. Darted in front, shaped slightly at the waist and hitting above the knee, this fit is meant for every body to be worn in every season.

Need it a little bit longer? A little bit shorter? We make each piece to order, so are happy to accommodate when we can. It's as easy asking.

Offered in hand printed silk charmeuse in 6 colors. Entirely washable and tumble dry-able, our Calliope shift is meant to go the distance, just like all our offerings.

The 'Visionary' pattern was developed from a photograph taken at the Visionary Museum in Baltimore, Maryland. An outsider art museum, the installations and structures that are part of the Museum's built environment are amazing. This was a photograph I took inside a gazebo structure looking up into the sky. The wood was old and interesting. The shapes were graphic and modern. Exactly my kind of thing.