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Shawl - Lines

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Want luxury, warmth and fashion? This is the size for you. Fluff it up around your neck this Winter, wear it all year for style. It's perfect. It's what going big is all about. 

Iridescent silk chiffon - 28" x 82"

Hand wash in cool water and air dry. Iron with steam, or not. It looks just as nice not ironed. This just gets softer and better the more you use it. The fabric feels like air but is crazy durable.

About the Pattern:

Every collection needs a stripe, right? While I mulled over this for years nothing came to me. Finally, I just needed it, right then. And, it came. It's almost embarrassing to tell you how, so I won't. I do love it on just about everything, however.

I print this pattern in blocks on each scarf. It's an organic process therefore it's unlikely that any of the scarves will be the same. I can promise that each one will be carefully considered and beautiful.

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