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Scarflette - Frond

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Do you need just a splash of color around your neck? Something to keep the edge off the A/C in the office? Get claustrophobic with lots of fluff around your neck? How 'bout something to wrap around your head? This is the size for all that!

Iridescent silk chiffon - 13" x 60"

Hand wash in cool water and air dry. Iron with steam, or not. It looks just as nice not ironed. This just gets softer and better the more you use it. The fabric feels like air but is crazy durable.

About the Pattern:

Based on a Karl Blossfeldt 19th century photograph this motif is a hand rendered image that meanders down the length of the scarf, the pattern playing against itself in transparent layers. Blossfeldt started out as a botanist then moved on to explore photography as it developed. He was captivated by plant forms, particularly the minute details that are often overlooked. Many of the images he took are of what we consider common weeds, weeds made beautiful by his vision. While his photos are stunning, it is this search for beauty in the seemingly mundane that resonates with me.

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