Silk Chiffon Tunic
Arin Arthur Textiles

Silk Chiffon Tunic

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This silk chiffon tunic is light as air and sized to fit just about everyone. Will you wear it over a tank and leggings? Maxi dress? Or rock the bikini poolside? Any way you style it, it will feel like a cloud and bring the glamour.


Iridescent Silk Chiffon - XS, S, M, L and XL

Hand wash in cool water and air dry. Or, wash in a lingerie bag in cold on delicate. Iron with steam. The fabric is a mix of hearty and delicate. It will stand up to a lot but the fibers may move around a bit. Be careful with a scratchy purse strap over you shoulder, and don't snag it on a nail in other words.

It is available in Pewter, Peacock and select sizes in Plum. It hangs approximately 42" inches from the shoulder.

About the Pattern:

The print is from a photograph I took at the Fort Mason Center in San Franciso, a small grill that must have been painted a thousand times. The grid was filling in with paint in bits and pieces. I loved the undulating rhythm of open space and filled space. It speaks of history and urban archeology to me.

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